It’s Irrational, But I Do It Anyway: Comparing Movies to Books

When I was 14, I was thrilled to be sitting in a darkened movie theater, about to watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It was my favorite book in the Harry Potter series by far, and I couldn’t wait to see the movie version of it. I left completely disappointed and crestfallen. All of my favorite scenes from the book had been taken out, and the stuff that was added in felt childish to me even as at fourteen. This was my first experience with being disappointed by a movie adaptation of a book I loved, but it certainly wouldn’t be the last. I have felt that way with almost every movie to hit theaters that was once a book, and I can assure you, in the past seven years, there has been a significant amount of them.

Recently, I have changed my tactic when I go and see a movie adaptation of a book and it has worked wonders. I always read the book first, and usually, it’s not intentional. Before a movie came out, I would always make an effort to reread the book. I went into the midnight showing of The Hunger Games not having read the book in four years. I remembered what happened and the big details, but I didn’t remember specifics. This worked wonders for me. I left that movie completely in love with it, and thinking it did such a great job adapting to the book.

A lot of fans that I have since talked to had a hard time appreciating the movie. I was lucky, because I had read and loved the book, and I watched and loved the movie. I looked at them as separate entities, and it made a world of difference. Since seeing the movie, I have gone back and read the book, and I understand a lot of reader’s complaints; the movie and the book are more different than I had remembered. However, I refuse to be upset about this.

Being disappointed that your favorite book wasn’t your favorite movie is absolutely irrational. Plain and simple, books and movies are different. A two and a half hour movie can’t include everything from a 350 page book, and you wouldn’t want it to! Even excellent book-to-movies like The Lord of the Rings cut out so much, and most fans are able to appreciate both. A movie needs a more straightforward narrative – all the asides that books are able to logically include don’t work in a movie. Movies also reach a wider audience of people.

A lot of people who didn’t read The Hunger Games have seen the movie. Instead of being upset that the movie wasn’t exactly the same as the book, we should be excited that more people are beginning to love something so awesome. If you’re that type of person who needs every single detail in the book to be included in the movie, just don’t go. I would argue that even with all the cuts the writers made, I still felt the same emotions watching the movie that I did reading the book. The intensity and horror was still alive and well, and the ability to see the fight scenes allowed me to better understand some of the more confusing passages in the book. The Hunger Games, despite its cuts, was still a great movie.

While waiting in line for the movie, my friend Ali reminded me of the first midnight showing we ever saw together: Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Prince. I left that movie so disappointed, because I had been comparing it to the book. She told me that that made her hate it, too, because I pointed out differences that she hadn’t remembered. So, if you have read the book and then go see the movie, don’t ruin it for everyone else. Let your friends enjoy the movie, and try to accept it for what it is. Trust me, in the long run, I am sure you will leave much more satisfied.

The Five Best “Twilight” Video Parodies

As one of the most prolific and well-known series across the globe, “Twilight” has spawned many fans – and many foes. So if you’re anything like me, you probably enjoy laughing at “Twilight” more than you actually enjoy “Twilight.” Thankfully, we’re not alone! Over the years, thousands of parodies have been inspired by this popular series, and given watchers tons of enjoyment. So instead of you having to weeding through the thousands and thousands of pages on YouTube tagged “Twilight,” I did it for you! Here are the best of the best.
5) “Twilight”…with Cheeseburgers

The story: The video pretty accurately follows the original “Twilight” trailer except for one notable exception: instead of Bella, Edward falls for a cheeseburger!
Why it works: It’s a great commentary on how ludicrous it is that Edward so quickly falls in love with Bella, and it will have you laughing out of disbelief.
Professionalism: It’s pretty well- made for amateurs in terms of video editing, but the costumes and makeup are sub par. That almost makes it funnier, though, when you see “Carlisle” pretending to be serious in a wig that obviously doesn’t fit him!

4) The Jersey Shore Version of “Twilight” (Friggin’ “Twilight”)

The Story: Snookie and team mock the most notable characters in the first three “Twilight” movies, while putting their own Guido/ Guidette spin on the story. Edward is played by The Situation, Pauly D is Jacob, and the other cast members fill in supporting roles.
Why It Works: It’s the perfect blend of staying somewhat true to the movies and a lot of Jersey Shore traditions. You might not know much about the “Twilight” series, but you know enough that “Jacob” shouldn’t be living in a doghouse and “Bella” shouldn’t be downing shots of tequila while Edward fights Victoria. But my personal highlight was watching a bloodthirtsty Ron/ Jasper punch Snookie/ Bella in the face.
Professionalism: This was originally made for Jimmy Kimmel Live, and what makes it is that this is the actual cast of “Jersey Shore”. Costumes range from realistic to absurd; while I didn’t even recognize The Situation as Edward thanks to his fluffy wig, I was shocked to see J- Woww not changing a bit to play her role as Bella’s friend and guide.

3)  “Twilight”’ Cast Gives Sneak Peek at ‘Breaking Dawn, Part 2’!

The Story: Aired on “The Ellen Show,” this version of “Breaking Dawn, Part 2” centers on the Cullen family gathering to celebrate Bella and Edward’s one- year anniversary, when a woman from Edward’s past, Linda (played by Ellen DeGeneres), shows up and wreaks havoc on the entire family.
Why It Works: Ellen DeGeneres spouts out so many amazing lines that I had to watch it five times to actually make it through the video without laughing hysterically. It’s great to see the “Twilight” cast making fun of their story, and with Ellen’s added wit and humor, it’s definitely one to watch. Example: Ellen to Taylor: “Hey, didn’t I see you at a Taylor Swift concert? Weren’t you trying to imprint her?”
Professionalism: Although there are no props, costumes, or blocking, this version gets extra points since it is acted out by the actual cast of the “Twilight” movies, plus Ellen DeGeneres. Thanks to giggling cast members (seriously – Kristen Stewart laughs) and shocked faces from Robert Pattinson, there’s almost no degree of seriousness, but that’s what keeps it fresh and funny.

2) SNL Digital Short: Firelight (NBC doesn’t allow embedding, video at the link)
The Story: Originally aired as a Saturday Night Live Digital Short, this mock trailer follows Taylor Swift’s Bella lookalike (“Stella”) falling for – not Andy Samberg/Edward Cullen – but Bill Hader/Philip Frank, a progeny of Frankenstein.
Why It Works: This story centers around the fact that, while Stella is attracted to Philip Frank, she can’t quite be with him because he and his family (“The Franks”) have a tendency to strangle people. It’s an excellent interpretation on the unique physical situation between Bella and Edward.
Professionalism: With fabulous costumes, quality special effects, and the same music and text used to create the original “Twilight” trailer, this mock trailer stands on the ground that it could really blend right into anyone’s cinematic experience these days.

1) Breaking Dawn Parody by The Hillywood Show

The Story: Staying relatively true to the storyline of Breaking Dawn, Part 1, this story uses well- known songs to personify the situations occurring. A highlight is Jacob randomly appearing to sing “(Give Me Everything) Tonight,” originally by Pitbull, Ne-Yo and Afrojack. For her part, Bella is constantly singing Gaga’s “Marry the Night” … Except it’s “Gonna marry Edward.”
Why It Works: The music adds an unexpected and hilarious twist. You are constantly excited to see what song they’re going to choose next, and the surprises had my friends and I constantly bursting out in laughter.
Professionalism: This video is shockingly well- made – the sets, costumes, and makeup are extremely similar to the movie’s, and the credits that are almost as long as the video prove that this was not made spontaneously over a weekend. Most of the signing is lip- synching, but the change between “Marry the Night” and “Marry Edward” is so flawless that it’s clear that there’s singing talent.

I Love Award Shows: The Oscars!

Every year, award show season goes out with a bang with my personal favorite: The Oscars! I love watching the red carpet preshows on E! and was lucky to catch every. Single. Minute. this year, from Darren Criss’s duet with Kermit the Frog, to “The Dictator” aka Sacha Baron Cohen spilling Kim Jong Il’s “ashes” (Bisquick?) on Ryan Seacrest, to the starling amount of Hunger Games spots on commercial breaks. This what people are going to talk about at the watercooler the next day, and the show hadn’t even started yet!

Of course, the red carpet is a design for actors and actresses to fill in their interviewers on how excited they are “to simply be nominated” and that “just being here is a dream come true.” It’s also a great chance to pass judgment on some of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood, and is a truly phenomenal feeling when you see a knockout lady wearing a really awful dress. For one moment, you look more fab than her in your plaid pajama pants. There weren’t many obvious misses this year (though I do have to say Emma Stone was a disappointment) – my personal favorite dresses were worn by Stacy Kiebler, Angelina Jolie, and Natalie Portman.

…And just like that, six hours of my life were sucked away and it was time for the main event!…which Billy Crystal totally brought down. I knew I wasn’t going to love him as a host, but really, Academy? Clearly a lot of work was put into the opening song, but I could barely hear it over the band. The opening really seemed to age the show – despite Justin Bieber being present for all of ten seconds to help Billy get that “18 to 24 demographic.” I felt like Billy Crystal has seen better days. Maybe nine times hosting is too many for anyone.

The beginning of the show is of course peppered with a few serious categories (you go, Octavia!) and a lot of what-the-hell-does-this-even-mean awards (sound mixing vs. sound editing, anyone?), most of which went to “Hugo” this year. I did like how the awards were presented – various people associated with the movie talked about how the nominee impacted the movie. There were some very heartfelt moments in those, which almost made me interested in who was winning. I said almost.

The only thing that I was really invested in was the fact that “Harry Potter” did not win any of the awards it was nominated for, which if you ask me was already too few. Presenters kept it interesting – the cast of “Bridesmaids” brought back the “Scorsese” drinking game by downing mini bottles in the middle of presenting the year’s best shorts. Zack Galifanakis and Will Ferrell woke up the award show with their cymbal “performance” before introducing best original song, and Emma Stone stole the trending topics when she invited Jonah Hill up on stage to dance with her. We didn’t get a funny host, but we can thank the lively presenters for keeping me glued on The Oscars, and not switching to “Aladdin” on ABC Family.

I believed I knew who was going to win, so it was a refreshing twist to see that the Oscar predictors aren’t always right. Both best actor and best actress did not go to who was expected, but I think they both went to good people. A lot of people are disappointed that Viola Davis didn’t win, but I think Meryl Streep’s performance was flawless and deserving of recognition. (Also, she’s won 3 out of 17 times! Stop saying that she always wins, people! Simply not true.) Her speech reminded me of why she was so truly deserving of that award – it was one of the best of the night. It was funny and touching, and never overly saccharine. However, I loved that she thanked her husband first, and then her makeup artist. Way to prioritize, Meryl!

“The Artist” won five awards at The Oscars, and was deserving of them all. Best picture, best director (Michel Hazanavicius), best actor (Jean DuJardin), best costume design, and best soundtrack all went to that shockingly amazing silent, black and white film. I am one of the lucky people who have been privy to that amazing treat of a movie, and I left the theater thinking that it was my favorite movie of the year. “The Artist” winning best picture marks the first time since 2003 (when “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” won) that my favorite movie of the year and the best picture have matched up. After a year like last year, when I was yelling at the TV every ten seconds in rage, it was great to see some excellent films that really pushed boundaries get recognized. All in all, I think it was a great year. Only about 364 days until the next Oscars! I’m already counting down!

Were you happy with the winners this year? Who wore your favorite dresses? What was your favorite moment? I want to hear about it in the comments!

Till next year, folks!

Keep Procrastinating, It’s Good for You

It’s happened to everyone: You have a huge paper due Monday, a test Tuesday, and a massive group project at the end of the week. This week literally counts for 50% of your grades this semester. And yet, it’s Sunday night, and of course you haven’t done a single thing.

I mean, to be fair, it was the weekend. You were with your roommates. You had a chill Friday night and planned to get stuff done on Saturday. Instead, you wake up at noon on Saturday, go to the gym, cook lunch, cook dinner, check all relevant social media sites, and then it’s time for the basketball game that you can’t miss. You drink a few beers at the game, and then your friends convince you to go out after the game. You meet a cute guy who buys you shot after shot and you let him, homework be damned! Then on Sunday, you wake up with a massive hangover and spend the rest of the day lying on the couch and asking your roommate why you took that 5th shot of Patron and watching Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family.

I didn’t pull this scenario out of thin air: This is my weekend about 80% of the time. So unfortunately, I am no stranger to procrastination. More unfortunately, I am great at it. I have Tumblr, Netflix, Hulu, my friends, and my iPhone to convince me that there are far more relevant things to do in life than focus on schoolwork. This usually means that I find myself sitting at my desk at midnight, class in nine hours, wondering why the hell I didn’t get started on this five page paper that could literally have been completed in two hours, two weeks ago.

Probably the reason that I am so excellent at procrastination is because it’s never stopped me before. I always get everything turned in on time, even if I am a little sleep deprived. But hey, I am not the only one. In my apartment of three, I don’t hold a candle to my roommates when it comes to procrastination. One of my roommates is in pharmacy school, so she’s pretty responsible. However, she’s excellent at studying for a scarily-named test (med chem, anyone?) in the span of 40 hours. She will literally get five hours of sleep over two days, but she always makes the grade. My other roommate holds a gold medal in procrastination. I have lost count of how many times she has turned papers in late, and yet she has never once been penalized for it. Four years, tons of professors, countless papers, assignments, online quizzes and she still has a shining GPA. I watch my roommates and I remember my stories and I can’t help thinking, “No wonder I procrastinate!”

There’s a very famous saying that went around my college freshman year: “Sleep, Social Life, Good Grades. Pick two. Welcome to college.” This could not be more true, and we procrastinate because we want it all. We’d rather choose fun over homework if we have high hopes that we can finish the homework later in the week. Sure, it might have been logical to actually get the homework done ahead of time, so you can have a stress- free social life, but where’s the fun in that?

So I say, keep procrastinating and have fun. College is only four years (hopefully) and they should be amazing. Have these life experiences and learn how to deal with deadlines now, because they’re not going anywhere. Trust me I know; while writing this article, I’ve been procrastinating on writing my senior thesis. So wish me luck!

Single and Awesome on Valentine’s Day

This was my Valentine’s Day 2011:

It is my third date with Ben, a fourth-year pharmacy student. Ben is interesting. Ben is cute. And yet, I’m totally not into him.    

He called me on Sunday – just to talk – and I missed thirty epic minutes of The Grammys. I just wanted to watch the show with my roommates. Instead, I was stuck on the phone talking to him. He asked me out for a Valentine’s Day date. I think it’s a little weird – isn’t a big deal to go on a Valentine’s Day date? We’re going to Coldstone, so that’ll be delicious, at least. I told him I couldn’t stay out too long because I have homework…which is true, but I could have skipped it, probably.

I’m wearing a black tank top with an off-pink cardigan and jeans, because I don’t want to seem too into the holiday. I had cake batter ice cream with pound cake and strawberries, and it was delicious. I laughed at all the right places, and then told him about my latest creative writing project. He drove me home in his jeep and kissed me in the car. Then the date was over.

Was that really what I have been missing all these years?

I had one more date with Ben and then I broke it off. For Ben and I, the chemistry just wasn’t there. I knew that after the first date, but wanted to try to give him a chance. I felt like if I broke up with him, it would seem like my standards were too high. Why be single when I could be with someone? Ben was a stable, decent, interesting guy. He was smart and funny. He was a gentleman, but in my mind, we just weren’t compatible.I was not excited to have a Valentine’s Day date. It was my first one ever, but other than that, it wasn’t too special. It was actually kind of awkward.

For Valentine’s Day 2012, I will be single. I am completely okay with that, and you should be too. I have chosen not to be in a relationship right now, and that has made all the difference. Facing my situation with Ben and being completely aware of the fact that I was going to be the one to break it off taught me something: I had power. I have the power to choose whether or not I want to be single.

A lot of people my age think that singleness is a curse or some sort of disease. If you are single at 21, there must be a problem. Lots of people are married with children by now. What’s your deal? I felt like I was a terrible person because I wanted to break it off with Ben. I had a legitimate reason, and yet I spent more time than I should have in the three weeks that we were dating wishing more than anything that he would break if off with me. I just want to be single, I remember thinking. What is wrong with me?

Absolutely nothing. Girls make the choice to be single every day. That’s a good thing! One day, you will make the choice to be in a relationship and it will be awesome.

Being the roommate chilling alone in your apartment Valentine’s Day night is not ideal. But I would rather be unhappy that one night than be in a miserable, no-chemistry relationship again. It’s fun knowing that the next guy you meet could be your one and only. Also, just because you don’t have a date does not mean you are alone. Make Valentine’s Day about love – love for your parents, family and friends. Letting someone know you care in a nonromantic way is a great way to spend the holiday, and you’ll get love back in return.

You might have heard it before: “If you really want a boyfriend, go out and get one.” This Valentine’s Day, remember that you are in control of your singleness, and that is a good thing. You are fabulous and amazing and one day is going to be the right day. The relationship you fall into will be the one you are meant to be in, because you chose it and the guy fell for you, and not the made up- vixen-sexpot version of you. Until then, enjoy being you and enjoy being single. It’s better than you’d think – really.

I Love Award Shows: The Grammys

She kinda does have it all

My name is Kate and I love award shows. I think that they are awesome, from the amazing style, to the hot celebrities, to the day-after watercolor buzz that is always generated by them. I endure January- March’s weather and otherwise monotony because I love award show season so much.

Sunday night’s Grammys did not disappoint. They were everything you would expect from a great award show – scandal, a couple of WTF moments, some tear-jerking speeches, and lots and lots of celebrities. True, there weren’t a lot of surprises in who these awards were doled out to, but that’s really not the point of the Grammys. Most celebrities already come to the Grammys knowing whether or not they have won already. Eight awards were presented during the telecast and for the most part, they went to exactly who everyone was expecting. This means Adele was popping up every half an hour to accept a new award, and came away as the big winner with six Grammys, including album of the year for 21 and record of the year for “Rolling In the Deep.” Yeah, nobody was surprised about that. This was Adele’s year.

Most were also pleasantly surprised that Bon Iver managed to overtake such artists like Nicki Minaj for best new artist (he also won for best Alternative music album), but again, this was predicted. This was the first Grammys in a long time where I truly agreed with the vast majority of the choices. I think that the awards did a great job of straddling that talent- popularity line, ie: you want the recipient to be deserving of the award, but you also want people to know and accept the choice. If this is not taken into consideration, and just one is considered, you end up with cases like the famous Justin Bieber vs. Esperanza Spalding debate of last year, where Esperanza overtook the Biebs for best new artist. And if you are saying “Who’s Esperanza?”, my response is – and has been for the last year – “exactly.”

But the Grammys aren’t really about the winners and losers, are they? We all choose the music we enjoy, generally regardless of who the Recording Academy says is the best. (For example, Justin Bieber is still topping the charts, and people still have yet to listen to Esperanza Spalding.) So, I am sure that there will be many people who will continue to listen to Nicki Minaj over Bon Iver – even though Bon Iver took the top award. However, thanks to the performances, I can’t guarantee I will be listening to Nicki Minaj again.

Once you get past the watercooler chat of how adorable Adele was in her British accent and figure- flattering, gorgeous black sparkly dresses, and how relieved you are that her throat surgery has clearly not had any lasting ill- effects, you can move onto the other performances, and I would be willing to bet that number 2 most talked about will be Nicki Minaj. From the fashion to the performance, Nicki definitely was going for visibility this year. First, she shows up in a Versace- designed (I’m still wondering how she talked Versace into this) red hooded outfit … complete with a pope. If that wasn’t sacreligious enough, stay tuned for her performance; “the exorcism of Roman,” as it is being called already, revolved around Nicki Minaj sort of singing a few songs, but mostly reclaiming The Exorcist as her own, but redoing scenes from the famous horror movie. The idea was that she was ‘exorcizing’ her alter- ego, Roman, but the bishop in a starring role plus the random riff of the Christian Church Christmas classic “O Come All Ye Faithful” just took the whole performance into a horrifying level.

Kelly Osborne, fashion commentator for E!, might say that Nicki Minaj’s bold choice on the red carpet is ‘equivalent to Lady Gaga’s egg of last year’ (and she in fact did say something very close to that), and I might have been able to accept the weird choice if it had stopped there. But I think invoking these iconic religious symbols for her performance simply for entertainment value was just too much. She probably alienated a lot of people watching the show, and to simply tell a made- up story, it just wasn’t worthwhile. This was reflected in Twitter – the trending topic for long after was “WTF Nicki.”

Thankfully, the Grammys weren’t just a combining of very predictable (Adele’s wins) and horribly shocking (all things Nicki.) There were some nice surprises, such as Katy Perry’s killer debut of her kick-ass girl power song (clearly written to reflect her breakup with ex Russell Brand).  This was a favorite in my apartment, because let’s face it – pretty much everyone can relate to the lines “this is a part of me that you’re never gonna take away from me.” Another favorite of mine was the Maroon 5/Foster the People/ The Beach Boys singing The Beach Boys’ tunes. It was the year of The Beach Boy’s fiftieth anniversary and they still were making great music as they performed an adorable rendition of one of their most famous songs, “Good Vibrations.” I say adorable because while the voices were still in top form, the guys were dressing and acting like they were performing the song in a retirement home, as members of a retirement home. However, reliving these amazing songs straight from my childhood was a great moment.

Unfortunately, Paul McCartney just didn’t strike the same note in my heart. I love him, but his song about Valentine’s Day on the heels of the awesome Beach Boys collaboration fell flat. The song itself was slow, and his voice had a bit of a tremor that was hard to ignore. He performed once in the middle of the show and also wrapped up the show, and the final performance was more rock and roll and redeemed him a bit. However, this night definitely belonged to the young people, especially performance- wise. While I didn’t love Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and I didn’t feel that The Foo Fighters contributed anything new, I have to applaud the younger artists. Taylor Swift delivered with one of her greatest award show performances to date – a down-home, banjo-wielding performance of “Mean.” The audience seemed to agree as it rewarded her with a big standing ovation after she was done. And the tribute to the electro house genre with a David Guetta/Deadmau5 collaboration (Foo Fighters and Chris Brown also contributed) was definitely the performance I most wanted to be at. Party people flooded the stage wielding awesome light- saberesque sticks and danced to these two DJ’s infectious tunes. The light show plus the dance-inducing songs… watch that performance and tell me you don’t want to be apart of that mob.

Of course, the night was tinged with an air of remembrance as the artists also paid tribute to the greats that had come before them, especially Whitney Houston. The show opened up with host LL Cool J inviting everyone to join him in prayer for everyone’s fallen idol, and many tributes were added throughout the night (Jennifer Hudson’s beautiful rendition of one of Houston’s most famous songs, “I Will Always Love You,” was respectful and stunningly executed). It was clear that artists were all about celebrating current musical trends, but they weren’t afraid to look to the past as well. Thankfully, the whole night wasn’t a downer and gathering to celebrate through music is probably exactly what the late great Whitney would have wanted.

In short, the Grammys truly did reaffirm my love for award shows. The show was exactly what I would have expected – and of course nothing like I would have expected, as every great one was. I can’t wait for the next one!

Did you enjoy the Grammys? What was your favorite performance of the night?

Still Mad, Gossip Girl: The Inevitable Letdown of 100th Episodes

N-o n-o, Gossip Girl!

Well girls, it’s officially been ten days since I watched the hundredth episode of Gossip Girl. And guess what? I’m STILL upset about it.

This is not the first time this has happened. In fact, looking back on it, I should not have been expecting greatness. Maybe I shouldn’t have even watched the episode. But that’s just not me. I love TV. I watch it all the time. I have been in lust with countless series over the years that have hit one hundred episodes and they are always disappointing.

So, to prove my point, I have compiled a list of all TV shows that I have ever watched that have hit one hundred episodes. Through this meticulously laid- out table, you can see the facts: we want one thing to happen, and the writers do another.


Plot Up Until 100

Episode’s Big Selling Point

What the Audience Wanted to Happen

What Actually Happened

How the Show Changed Post- Episode

Gossip Girl

Blair Waldorf is all set to marry her (actual) prince, but she makes it clear that she’s still in love with her reformed- badass former flame, Chuck Bass. Blair Waldorf’s wedding to the Prince of Monaco, Louis. Instead of Blair marrying Prince Louis, Blair should get whisked away by Chuck and ditch the wedding. Blair still married the prince, even though she made an impassioned speech about always loving Chuck. Then, it turns out that her prince is evil, so she runs away with her friend Dan (who she really has NO chemistry with). We’ll wait and see, but it’s not looking good for Chuck and Blair fans.


Temperance Brennan and Agent Seeley Booth head up one of the best crime teams in the world based in Washington DC. As a forensic anthropologist, Brennan is the brains and Booth is the sexy FBI agent. The viewers would have the unique opportunity to go back in time and see the first case that Booth and Brennan ever worked on together Booth and Brennan to get together! Their chemistry is amazing! The episode reveals that Booth and Brennan tried to get it on during their first case, and it didn’t work out. Booth and Brennan share a real- time kiss before Brennan tells Booth she can’t be with him. Eventually, Booth and Brennan did get it together, but it took another season and a half.

How I Met Your Mother

In the year 2030, Ted Mosby recounts to his children how his antics with his friends as 20-somethings in New York City led to him meeting their mother. A grand musical number, and Ted getting closer than ever to meeting “the Mother” … maybe even ACTUALLY meeting the mother?! The biggest plot obsession is who The Mother will actually be. Audiences were hopeful that Ted would actually meet The Mother in this episode. Ted met the Mother’s roommate, Cindy. The musical number was super good – no complaints there. It’s always great when Neil Patrick Harris sings. We’re now around episode 150 and The Mother is not any closer to being revealed.


Phoebe Buffay is acting as a surrogate for her brother and his wife, and is carrying triplets. Meanwhile, two of the friends – Monica and Chandler – are secretely hooking up. Phoebe would finally go into labor. Research tells me that most people were excited about the prospect of Monica and Chandler getting closer as a couple. Phoebe successfully delivered her brother’s triplets, but the episode was complicated when she entertained the idea of keeping one of them for herself. Phoebe’s brother’s triplets made occasional appearances for the rest of the hundred and thirty something episodes, and Monica and Chandler eventually married.

One Tree Hill

Lucas Scott is all set to marry his fiancée Lindsey but he can’t help but feel a mutual attraction to his high school love, Peyton. Meanwhile, estranged married-with-a-child couple Nathan and Haley are dealing with the emotional fallout from an obsessive nanny. Lucas Scott’s wedding to Lindsay, and a reappearance of the crazy nanny (Carrie) that drove Nathan and Haley apart. Lucas leaves Lindsay and runs away with his true love, Peyton. Nathan and Haley will finally reconcile, and heal the wounds opened by Carrie. Lucas did not get married to Lindsay, but did not run away with Peyton either. Carrie kidnapped Nathan and Haley’s son Jamie and tried to smuggle him out of town, but was stopped before she was successful. Lucas spent the rest of the season in a ‘left at the altar’ funk. Nathan and Haley dealt with the fallout of Jamie’s kidnapping and become a closer couple. Eventually, Lucas and Peyton did end up together, but it took until the end of the season.

As you can see, the hundredth episode of the show is pretty much guaranteed to do what the rest of the show generally does as well. They claim that there will be a “game-changing” moment, and allow trailers to make it appear that the audience’s dreams are about to come true. Typically, the audience is letdown after the episode’s end. However, it’s generally a sure thing that luck will change – at least a few seasons down the road – and what all the fans hoped for will actually finally happen.

I suppose the bright side to this somewhat dismal chart is the reassurance that the writers can’t hold out forever. Maybe I will check back in one or two seasons of Gossip Girl and Chuck and Blair will actually be together. But is it worth it? Should I really hold out for that perfect couple to get together if it means enduring many more episodes of frustration? Leave your advice for me in the comments below. Also, feel free to sound off if I missed a show. Does it follow the pattern I have found, or am I just following the most disappointing shows on the air?